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Dave has thousands of images of western Wyoming and can help you with a specific request or a picture you have viewed in his gallery. To purchase or place an inquiry about pictures, please contact Dave at, 1-307-360-7604, or go to  

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Light Rays Through The Fog. Photo by Dave Bell.
© Photo by Dave Bell
Light Rays Through The Fog

"Yellowstone- in a very quiet place the noise of a single car is deafening. Photographers see the world differently. They are not content to visit a place once and say they have seen it. They want to experience it in all lights, all weather conditions and all times of day. And add in the critters and the photographers want to be there when they are howling, bellowing, crying, screeching, scurrying, trumpeting, groaning and belching. Mix in fog, drizzle, dusk, dawn, predawn and bright light, with aspen glow or not, and the moment by moment permutations are endless. Don't travel with a photographer if you are content to say "I have seen an elk in rut. " You haven't unless you have done it 4 days in a row, several times each day. " By Larry Wolfe

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