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(Rates as of September 2022)

Front Page:
Front Page Display Ads

Event Promotion Ads
$200/week* (special rates available)

Business Directory:
Display Ad Listing
Free Text Listing $FREE

Job Board $50/5 days, $95/two weeks
Classified Ads $15/first 15 words/week

(The sooner you place your candidate ad the more exposure value you get for your $300! They run until your election day.)

Calendar of Events Sponsorship

Road/Weather Page Sponsorship
$25/month Website Sponsor


Get your business in front of a
World-Wide Audience

24-hours a day, 7 days a week!

For advertising information call 307-360-7689
(anytime - leave a message if we don't answer)


  • As many as 210,000 page views in a day
  • Millions of page views a year
  • US and foreign viewers
  • Highly interested audience
  • Many visitors are repeat visitors
  • Viewership growing

Advertising must be paid in advance.
Discounts available for current customers. Please ask for details.

High Traffic Visibility Front Page Display Ads
Vertical and Horizontal Banner Ads
Pinedale Online $300 level and up customers receive price discounts on our front page advertising, depending on their current advertising with us.
Please ask for details.
Customer designed ads must be pre-approved. Design change swap-outs may incur a $50 graphic design fee.
Vertical ads are placed to the right of high traffic stories. Ads may start on any day of the week
Ads are first-come, first-served. Ad slots may be reserved in advance if paid in advance. Please ask for details.

 vertical banner ad example.     vertical banner ad example.
Vertical Banner Ads

180 pixel by 175 pixel vertical banner ad.180 pixel by 300 pixel vertical banner ad.180 pixel by 400 pixel vertical banner ad.180 pixel by 525 pixel vertical banner ad.

Horizontal Banner Ads
There are only two horizontal banner ad slots available on the Pinedale Online front page, first come-first serve
with payment required in advance of the ad run
Slot #1 is below "Gas Prices" on the front page. Either horizontal size available.
Slot #2 is above the daily stories. Ads by the week or by the month. $50 art charge may apply for ad redesigns of the monthly ad.
Customer-designed ads must be pre-approved. Ads must be for products or services in Sublette County, Wyoming area.
Ads may be reserved for a time in advance if paid in advance.

1000 pixel by 150 pixel horizontal banner ad.

Event Promotion Ads - $200/week* ($50 for POL business directory advertisers)
For Events Only - High Visibility Display Ads

(7 day ad run)
Shared ad slot in random rotation
Excellent for high-visibility promotion for events.

Use for high awareness within one week of event date for short burst exposure or for advance advertising for high-profile events.
Pinedale Online gets 1000-3000 unique visitors per day, with each person visiting multiple pages. Ad visibility will depend on the daily
visitation and the number of ads in the event ad queue at any given time. Ads are displayed randomly, with each viewer seeing a single ad per page view.
This ad space can be reserved for exclusive use to be seen by all viewers - see price notes below.

Graphic ad, 340 pixels wide by 400 pixels high, placed on Pinedale Online front page in rotation mix,
with hot link directly to event website information. Customer designed ads must be pre-approved and under 25K in file size.
Price for current Pinedale Online Business Directory advertisers is one-time placement of $50.
EXCLUVISITY: Cost to reserve event ad for exclusive visibility as the only one shown on a given day is $250/day for Pinedale Online Business Directory customers,
$400/day for non-business directory customers.

Pinedale Online!
Job Board
(5 days, 7 days, 2 weeks, more)

The Pinedale Online Job Board is a listing of job openings in Sublette County, Wyoming. Pinedale Online $300 level and up advertisers receive UNLIMITED FREE Job Board listings. Please ask for details. Each job listing ad may have a description of up to 100 words, excluding contact information. Rates shown below:

Ad Rates:
5-days $50
1 week $60
2 weeks $95
1 month is $175 (30 days)
2 months is $325 (60 days)

Ads must be paid in advance. Ad wording must be provided either in print or saved as a PC word processing file. Call or stop by Office Outlet stores in Pinedale, 43 S. Sublette Ave, to place Job Board ads. Phone: 307-360-7689 (cell) Fax: 307-367-2864, E-mail: Ads may be paid for by cash, check, major credit card, or placed on an existing Pinedale Online customer account. Refund Policy: At the customer's request, ads can be pulled before the end of the ad run, however, there will be no refunds once the ad has started. Future ad credit will be given for any paid full days the ad did not run after the first 5 days.

Pinedale Online
Classified Ads
(by the week)
The Pinedale Online Classifieds are for products and services related to Sublette County, Wyoming. Pinedale Online Business Directory advertisers receive ONE FREE Classified Ad listing at any time. Ask for details. Classified ads may start on any day. New categories can be added if your category of interest is not shown on the page. Please ask for details.

Short Ads, Up to One Week Ad Run (1-7 days)
15 words, $15, $.60 cents/word thereafter
25 words, $21

35 words, $27
50 words, $36

First 15 words is $15/week. Each additional word is $.60 per word, up to 74 words. See rates below for longer ad lengths, and shorter ad runs. Additional words beyond 100 are $.05 (5 cents) per word.

Longer Ads 75-100 words:
5 Days, $50, 75-100 words
1 Week (7 days), $60, 75-100 words
2 Weeks ( 14 days) $95, 75-100 words
1 Month (30 days) $175, 75-100 words

See our Classified Ad page for more details.

Pinedale Online Business Directory - $300/year
Display Ad Listing - $300/year

Additional Benefits:
- FREE unlimited Job Board Listings that run as long as you want
- ONE free perpetual Classified Ad, runs as long as you want
- Hot link from Pinedale Online front page to your website

Logo and photos, text description, contact information, hot links to e-mail and website.
Listed alphabetically on Business Directory Index page and must be paid in advance. Year runs from start date. May start on any day of any month. Ad dimension is 650 pixels across by 350 pixels tall, and must be 25K or less in file size.
$300 per year works out to a color ad that costs only $25/month for 24-hour/day, 7-day a week visibility to a world-wide audience. Ads must be paid in advance.
Additional categories HALF PRICE, $150 each/year

Display Ad Example:
(Customer designed ads must be prior approved and meet dimension specifications. Ad file size must no more than 25K in file size.)

Office Outlet

Basic Text Listings for Sublette County businesses are FREE
Pinedale Online offers free text listings in our Business Directory as a community service to businesses and organizations that provide services in Sublette County. Text listings have business name, address, phone & fax numbers. Listings are placed in alphabetical order and appear at the bottom of each category page underneath any paid display ads. Free listings do not include e-mail or website addresses or hotlinks and are not name mentioned on the business directory index list or Pinedale Online front page business directory list. Please contact us to add, remove or correct your business or organization listing from our Business Directory pages.
Example Basic Text Listing:
Pinedale Online!
   43 S Sublette, PO Box 2250, Pinedale, WY 82941
   307-360-7689, Fax: 307-367-2864


Calendar of Events page sponsorship - $25/month Road and Weather page sponsorship - $25/month $300/year
Pinedale Online provides the only local year-round, regularly updated, online calendar for general community events in Sublette County. This page gets repeat visitation from people wanting to know what is happening in the area for short and long-term planning purposes. Ads available monthly or for longer periods of time. Ads are 150x150 pixels and must be less than 25K in file size. Ads can hotlink to your website, if you have one.

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Candidate ads $300
Candidate ads are a one-time cost of $300 until your election day.
(The sooner you place your ad, the more value you get for your $300!)
Ads must be paid for in advance. Placement is first-come, first-served.
Ad dimension is 650 pixels across by 350 pixels tall, jpg format, and must be 25K or less in file size.

Ads appear on our Candidate page

Wolf Watch sponsorship - $300/year
Pinedale Online proudly presents "Wolf Watch", a feature section by seasoned news reporter Cat Urbigkit. Cat has been an advocate for the conservation of the remaining populations of wolves native to the Yellowstone area. As a news reporter, she has followed and covered in-depth the debate over wolf "reintroduction" to Yellowstone and central Idaho during and after the mid-1990s. In 2008, Cat published "Yellowstone Wolves" a 350-page chronicle of the animal, people and politics of the impacts introducing gray wolves from Canada into the Yellowstone ecosystem have had on the native Wyoming wolf population,. Online, through here frequent updates on "Wolf Watch", Cat closely monitors wolf news, sightings, legal action, pack updates, delisting, depredations, research, recovery and more. Sponsorship helps Cat in her efforts to continue to monitor wolf happenings and updates. Sponsorship is $300 per year. Wolf Watch

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Big Piney website sponsorship -

Pinedale Online also owns and maintains the website which focuses on news and event information for the south Sublette County area. Become a sponsor and get an ad on the front page and a hotlink directly to your website. Your sponsorship will help make it possible for us to make this website more dynamic with local news, events and sports information for Big Piney and Marbleton. Ads are 150x150 pixels and must be less than 25K in file size. $300 per year works out to a color ad that costs only $25/month for 24-hour/day, 7-day a week visibility to a world-wide audience!

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For more information:
Pinedale Online! 307-360-7689
PO Box 2250, Pinedale, WY 82941

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