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Pinedale Online > News > January 2013 > Sublette County Commissioners terminate Brad Clingman, Superintendent of Waste Management
Sublette County Commissioners terminate Brad Clingman, Superintendent of Waste Management
Arrested on multiple felony charges of Larceny by Bailee
by Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online!
January 10, 2013

Update on charges: Brad Clingman is charged with 9 counts which include Larceny by Bailee; Wrongful Appropriation of Public Property; and Failure or Refusal to Account For, Deliver or Pay Over Property. "Bailee" means a person other than the owner of property who rightfully possesses property. In Wyoming, a bailee, a public servant or any person entrusted with the control, care or custody of any money or other property who, with intent to steal or to deprive the owner of the property, converts the property to his own or another's use, is guilty of larceny. (legal reference) The charges relate to activity done in 2012 regarding keeping money obtained by removing recyclables from the landfill baler process and taking them to Salt Lake City, Utah for cash value. The recycling program was authorized, however he is accused of personally keeping a portion of the proceeds ($5,133.77) when all of it should have gone into the County coffers. He also is accused of taking his county vehicle and a trailer to his ranch in Laramie on weekends, filling a tank with diesel from the county fuel pumps, and using the vehicle and trailer for personal use for his haying operations. It is estimated he used from 300-400 gallons of County fuel over the past year and a half for his own personal use.

Original post:

The Sublette County Commissioners held an Emergency Meeting for the purpose of an Executive Session related to personnel on Wednesday evening, January 9th. Upon resuming public session, Commissioner Andy Nelson entered a motion to terminate the employment of Brad Clingman, Sublette County Waste Management Superintendent and authorize the advertisement for an interim manager. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Jim Latta, and the vote was unanimous.

Attending the meeting, in addition to the three Commissioners (Joel Bousman, Andy Nelson and Jim Latta), were Sublette County Clerk Mary Lankford, Sublette County Sheriff Dave Lankford and Detective Lance Gehlhausen, and Sublette County Attorney Neal Stelting and Deputy County & Prosecuting Attorney Matt Gaffney.

The media was given approximately an hour and a half’s notice of the Emergency Meeting. When asked for any additional explanation for the termination of Clingman, the Commissioners responded to direct inquiries to the Sublette County Attorney’s office.

In a statement issued on Thursday morning, Sublette County and Prosecuting Attorney Neal R. Stelting said, "Mr. Clingman was arrested yesterday for multiple felony charges of Larceny by Bailee, in violation of W.S. 6-3-402(b), relating to his employment with Sublette County. Formal charges are expected to be filed later today."

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  • Pinedale Online > News > January 2013 > Sublette County Commissioners terminate Brad Clingman, Superintendent of Waste Management

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