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Pinedale Online > News > June 2013 > New Fork River boating access improved
New Fork River boating access improved
by Wyoming Game and Fish Department
June 3, 2013

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has improved boating access at three different locations on the New Fork River south of Pinedale over the past several months. The three locations are the Airport Public Access Area (PAA) four miles south of Pinedale, the East Fork Confluence PAA four miles south of Boulder, and the Remmick PAA approximately four river miles upstream from the Hwy 351 bridge.

The Airport PAA is the most recently completed of the three, involving the construction of a mile of new road, a parking lot and a primitive boat ramp. The project also involved the creation of approximately 0.4 acres of wetlands as a 1:1 mitigation for existing wetlands that were lost due to the road construction.

The Airport PAA provides a key river access point between the Tyler Street/Mesa Bridge put-in and the take-out at Boulder, some 20 river miles downstream. The newly-developed site is located on state land, allowing both fishing and hunting access. An additional 50-foot wide access is available along the river for approximately 0.5 miles immediately downstream of the state land section on an existing Game and Fish easement.

To access the Airport PAA, take Highway 191 approximately four miles south of Pinedale, turn right on Runway Lane and follow the signs through the gravel operation to the parking lot. Drivers are asked to please drive slowly through the gravel pit area being respectful to those working at the site.

The East Fork Confluence PAA south of Boulder is located downstream from the confluence of the New Fork and East Fork Rivers. This site has been used by both boat and bank anglers for many years, but was never formally developed. Consequently, the area had become severely rutted and eroded, contributing large amounts of sediment to the New Fork River and creating upland resource damage.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department teamed up with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and the Sublette County Road and Bridge Department to make significant improvements to the access road and parking lot and develop a boat ramp. Additionally, several unnecessary secondary roads have been abandoned and planted with native vegetation. Future plans call for the addition of a restroom and informational kiosk. Funding for the project was obtained through a grant from the Jonah Interagency Mitigation and Reclamation Office.

To get to this site, travel approximately 0.9 miles south of the bridge crossing the East Fork River on Highway 191. Turn right on Sublette County Road 106 and drive for 1.4 miles. When the road begins to bend to the left, turn right on a newly hardened access road for approximately 0.5 miles to the river.

The third improved site on the New Fork River is the Remmick PAA, named in honor of Ron Remmick, a well-known former Fisheries Supervisor for the Pinedale and Green River Regions of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. It is located approximately four river miles upstream of the Highway 351 BLM boat ramp. Construction at this site included a hardened access road, parking area, and boat ramp. In addition, the site has a restroom and is open to camping.

To reach this site travel 10.8 miles on Sublette County Road 136 (Paradise Road). The County Road 136 junction is located just north of the town Boulder. Turn at the first left past the Wyoming Game and Fish Department access sign. Continue on this gravel road 0.2 miles to the river.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department continues to work to provide additional public access for hunting and fishing throughout the state. These new public access areas will give boaters several new options for floating the New Fork River. To learn more about these and other public access points in the Pinedale area, please contact the Wyoming Game and Fish Departmentís Pinedale Regional Office at 307-367-4353.

Pinedale Online > News > June 2013 > New Fork River boating access improved

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