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Pinedale Online > News > March 2014 > Donít fall victim to computer and telephone scams
Donít fall victim to computer and telephone scams
by Sweetwater County Sheriffís Office
March 28, 2014

The Sweetwater County Sheriffís Office in Rock Springs is warning of two internet and telephone scams that continue being circulated.

In the first, the intended victim receives an email supposedly sent by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The message says the recipient has won a large sum in an international lottery and the FBI, as a matter of routine, has researched the award and determined it to be legitimate. The recipient is informed that he needs only to pay certain "Deposit Fees" and "Shipping Fees" in order to collect his winnings.

"Itís all bogus," said Sheriff Rich Haskell. "The FBI doesnít involve itself in lottery payouts. The sting kicks in when the victim sends in the requested Ďfees,í which, of course, he never sees again."

The second ruse, commonly called the "Computer Tech Scam," involves a telephone call from an individual - often with a heavy foreign accent - who informs his would-be victim that he is with Microsoft or other large computer company. The caller claims that his company has been monitoring the personís computer and is calling to assist in making needed repairs or modifications.

"The caller will ask you to turn on your computer and follow his instructions," Haskell said. "Those who fall victim to this swindle find themselves downloading malware and revealing important personal and financial information. In addition, the scammers may also actually try to charge the individual for phony repairs or modifications."

Authorities wish to remind the public that computer and software companies arenít going to call you to tell you about problems that you are having with your computer. Further, you should never go along with instructions received during an unsolicited call, such as directions to download attachments, click on links, or provide passwords or user names. The best thing to do, they say, is just hang up.

Pinedale Online > News > March 2014 > Donít fall victim to computer and telephone scams

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