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Pinedale Online > News > October 2014 > The Wonders of Yellowstone

Firehole Basin. Photo by Fred Pflughoft.
Firehole Basin
Photo by Fred Pflughoft

Challenge. Photo by Fred Pflughoft.
Photo by Fred Pflughoft
The Wonders of Yellowstone
Photos by Fred Pflughoft
October 24, 2014

Fred Pflughoft got the opportunity to spend a lot of time this past summer in Yellowstone National Park, which is about 130 miles north of Pinedale. He has posted a new photo album with pictures of the stunning scenery, wildflowers, and spectacular wildlife viewing.

"This year I was blessed to be able to spend 12 Days in Yellowstone National Park throughout the course of the summer. For a photographer it was like the 12 Days of Christmas. Every day held a new surprise. I never knew what wildlife I would see and as what seems to be a constant the atmospheric conditions were stellar. Always great clouds and wonderful light for shooting something, even on the overcast days. It's been a long time, but I hope you enjoy my latest album: "The Wonders of Yellowstone 2014"." - Fred

Click on this link to see the pictures: The Wonders of Yellowstone 2014 (102 photos)

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