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Pinedale Online > News > January 2015 > Town of Pinedale asks for citizen help with snow removal
Town of Pinedale asks for citizen help with snow removal
by Town of Pinedale
January 14, 2015

In the Town of Pinedale, dealing with snow removal can become a part of our daily lives. Snow removal is essential for us to leave our homes and go about our daily routines.

Besides the necessity of snow removal for our daily business, we should consider the snow removal for our neighbors and fellow members of the community. Many people in the area take daily walks, walk to their place of employment, or walk for other indispensable purposes. We as citizens should facilitate our neighbors, and other citizens walking, whatever the purpose may be, by removing the snow on the sidewalks that are immediately adjacent to our properties. This is something we can do as a courtesy to respect our community, and helps others be safe as they travel about town.

There is a Town Ordinance that states explicitly where snow needs to be removed from and where it may be deposited. This Ordinance is 395-7 and states:
Article III. Snow and Ice Removal From Sidewalks
395-7. Duty of property owner, agent or occupant.
The owners, agents and occupants of any house, warehouse, store, tenement house and any other building and the agent of any vacant lot or lots within the Town shall keep the sidewalks in front of and adjoining such property clean and, after any fall of snow, shall cause the snow and all slush and ice to be immediately removed from the sidewalk fronting their respective lot or lots into the parkway or gutter of the street.

Now, although this is an Ordinance and may be enforced, the Town of Pinedale would prefer that we just take care and be considerably mindful of neighbors and fellow citizens.

Pine Street is the main thoroughfare through the Town of Pinedale, not only for vehicles, but for pedestrians as well. This is a principal route for much of the pedestrian traffic in town who may be going to check mail, buy groceries, or to solicit the businesses along Pine Street. Please keep this in mind if you are a property owner along Pine Street. Removing the snow from the sidewalks adjacent to your property offers a safer passage for your neighbors, clients or potential clients.

A few things to keep in mind when removing snow, if you own or live on a corner lot and sidewalks may be on two sides adjacent to your property, please remove snow from both sides. Try to plow a wide enough area that a wheelchair would be able to easily pass. According to the American Disability Act, the standard length between the wheels on an adult wheelchair is 26 inches (, so a 36-inch path would be sufficient. Snow should not be moved into the driving lanes of any of the streets, avenues or highways. This increases the possibility of creating unsafe driving conditions which could impact drivers, pedestrians or wildlife. Please place snow either in the parkway or gutter, as stated in the ordinance, or, as many citizens prefer, place the snow on your property. Finally, snow removal is usually most easily executed when snow is fresh.

Thanks for your help keeping out Town safe and accessible.

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