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Town of Pinedale update: Fall
Homecoming, water meters, bleeders, smoke detectors, Halloween
by Town of Pinedale
October 15, 2015

We could not ask for better Homecoming Week weather! So no excuses- come out and help get the Pinedale Wranglers pumped upped and ready to kick some butt at the Homecoming Parade—10 AM on Pine Street this Friday! Then, come and watch the action—get your green and orange on cheer for our Wranglers at the football game. Be there- Wrangler Stadium at 7 PM to spur on the Wranglers as they round up Wright.

On a less exciting note, if you have not done the preparations to winterize your home, the time is now.

If your meter will not be used because you are out of town, or are no longer irrigating, it should be removed. Unprotected meters can and do freeze. Starting this year the Town will no longer remove your water meter for you. If you think you would benefit from being safe and removing the unutilized meter, we recommend calling a professional plumber or contractor to safely remove it and drain it. Then, just reinstall your safely stored meter when you return.

If you need help finding someone, just go to to find a list of plumbers or contractors who can help you.

When it gets colder; to prevent frozen pipes, remember to leave a "bleeder" line with water running slowly in a sink somewhere.

Besides water issues, winter can bring a lot more hazards with it. Consider having your chimneys expertly cleaned and inspected, make sure you have good all weather tires on your vehicles, check wiper blades to be sure they are in good working order, and consider having emergency supplies both in your vehicle and at home.

As a matter of routine maintenance, check your smoke detectors to make sure they are in good working order. If you need a new detector, the Pinedale Unified Fire District can help. We have information on the town website to help you get started.

Please check electrical wires and devices for proper and safe operation installation. Just this week, a malfunctioning heat lamp for pets nearly set a house on fire. Check portable heaters, heat lamps, wire tapes, and more before they cause a disaster.

If you have doubt about temperatures for an evening, you can always check for current conditions.

Fall fun includes the Homecoming parade this Friday morning, the Homecoming Football game Friday night, and of course the Halloween festivities: The PAC's annual event, THE HAUNTING, takes place this year on Thursday, Oct. 22 & Friday, Oct. 23 from 7-9pm. Dare to come if you are over 8 years old. Admission is $5.00. Then we wrap up the scare fest with the annual trick or treat down Pine Street on October 30th from 4-6 PM. This event is organized by the Chamber of Commerce and crosswalks are guarded by the Town Public Works Staff. Don’t forget to also hit Spook Alley at the PAC from 3:00 to 6:00 PM. Both events are free of charge.

In closing: GO WRANGLERS!!

Pinedale Online > News > October 2015 > Town of Pinedale update

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