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Frozen Princess Addison Coble. Photo by Terry Allen.
Frozen Princess Addison Coble

Meredith Hunts From a Perch. Photo by Terry Allen.
Meredith Hunts From a Perch

Kinslee Miles Shows Her Basket. Photo by Terry Allen.
Kinslee Miles Shows Her Basket

Janet Bellis of the Lions Club. Photo by Terry Allen.
Janet Bellis of the Lions Club

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The Three Days of Easter
by Terry Allen
March 28, 2016

Friday afternoon, March 25th, the Pinedale Aquatic Center (PAC) swimming pool was covered with hundreds of floating plastic Easter eggs. Hundreds of swimming suit clad kids and their parents lined the pool waiting.

Someone shouted and everyone jumped into the pool with their buckets and began to collect as many eggs as they could. There were a few accidental elbows thrown and a couple struggles for the same egg, but no blood was drawn. Moms and Dads stood careful guard to make sure kids didnít stay under too long.

Twice, the crowd marshaled on the edge of the pool and twice it was a free-for-all as they jumped in like a herd of frenzied seals.

Sofi Smith agreed to jump in the pool with her underwater camera and document the other-worldly underwater action and produced some very nice images (link to her pictures at the bottom of the page.)

Saturday morning, the Pinedale Lions Club again hosted its annual Easter egg hunt at Boyd Skinner Park. There was a lot more snow this year than last which meant less mud and more clean fun.

Cason King said he had a plan to get a lot of candy. "I kick my legs up real high when I run," he said. Liberty Verska had a plan also. "I carry a big bucket and I run fast," she said. "Hunting candy is like hunting deer. You look for the ears on the wrappers."

Meredith sat on her Dadís shoulders and said she planned to stay right there. "Iím going to hunt my candy right here on my Dadís shoulders," she said. "I have my lucky basket with me."

Bridget Murdock stood at the tape and said her plan was to, "Run, grab a bunch and then eat it and share it."

Charlee Mae wasnít interested in just any candy and stepped over hundreds of delicious looking pieces. "I only like Milky Way Bars," she said. Ellie in Pink said, "Iím going to run fast and get all the licorice."

Frankie and Jubal Gransden said a proper breakfast was key to candy success. "We ate a good breakfast of French toast and bacon."

Wilhelmina Moss said it was different having Easter here instead of Arizona. "In Arizona we have grass to run on," she said.

Sunday morning at White Pine, we found Doug "The Bunny" Hillman holding court outside the main lodge. He came all the way from Brighton in the UK to officiate at both the Lions hunt and the White Pine hunt. "I came here at Alan Blackburnís invitation," he said. "Being the Easter Bunny was on my bucket list. Brighton is a town with a population more than all the state of Wyoming, so itís a big difference and a lot of fun. In the UK, adults give children large chocolate eggs."

What is the thing about Easter in Wyoming that stands out most? "Iím impressed at the bravery of the little kids that throw themselves into the arms of a big English bloke dressed as a rabbit," said Doug The Bunny.

Keegan Hankins asked the photographer if he knew what the real meaning of Easter was. Then he asked him what his favorite candy was. "KitKat," the photographer answered. With that, Keegan dug into his bucket until he came up with a KitKat and handed it to the photographer. His little brother Silas dug into his bucket and handed one over, too. Photographer smiled.

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  • Isla Opens an Egg. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Isla Opens an Egg

    Victoria and Makenna. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Victoria and Makenna

    The Lifeguard Dylan Shaw. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Lifeguard Dylan Shaw

    Dad and Kids. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Dad and Kids

    Mom and Sons. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Mom and Sons

    Lacie Olson's Easter Cornucopia. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Lacie Olson's Easter Cornucopia

    Cason King Shares Hunt Secrets. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Cason King Shares Hunt Secrets

    The Poised Liberty Verska. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Poised Liberty Verska

    Stevie Jo and the Bunny. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Stevie Jo and the Bunny

     Classical Ellie. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Classical Ellie

    Marisa and Pebbles. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Marisa and Pebbles

    Evelyn Eats Candy. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Evelyn Eats Candy

    Keegan and Silas Share Candy. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Keegan and Silas Share Candy

    Mrs. Grimes and the Bunny. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Mrs. Grimes and the Bunny

    The Egg Monster. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Egg Monster

    Isla See's an Egg. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Isla See's an Egg

    Bunny on the Mountain. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Bunny on the Mountain

    Kaya and Baylee. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Kaya and Baylee

    Wilhelmina and the Bunny. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Wilhelmina and the Bunny

    Alan Checks Out the Bunny. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Alan Checks Out the Bunny

    Anabelle. Photo by Terry Allen.

    Daisy Early. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Daisy Early

    Rytan Harder Jumps. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Rytan Harder Jumps

    Ashley Grove. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Ashley Grove

    Ella in a Swing. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Ella in a Swing

    Scarlett Smith. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Scarlett Smith

    Charlee Mae. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Charlee Mae

    The Bunny and The Reluctant One. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Bunny and The Reluctant One

    Giving Them a Spin. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Giving Them a Spin

    Doug The Bunny and The Mountain Man. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Doug The Bunny and The Mountain Man

    Tracey and Doug the Bunny. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Tracey and Doug the Bunny

    On The Hunt. Photo by Terry Allen.
    On The Hunt

    Gordy Likes to Splash. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Gordy Likes to Splash

    Grabbing Candy 2. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Grabbing Candy 2

    Grabbing Candy 1. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Grabbing Candy 1

    Dad and Daughter Count Eggs. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Dad and Daughter Count Eggs
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