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Old Mail Delivery Sled. Photo by Terry Allen.
Old Mail Delivery Sled

Tiger and Sandy. Photo by Terry Allen.
Tiger and Sandy

Having a Taco Bowl. Photo by Terry Allen.
Having a Taco Bowl
Bucky's Snow Check Party
by Terry Allen
April 3, 2016

The winner of the sled drawing at Bucky's Snow Check Party Saturday was Tiger Jaskolski. His name was drawn out of the hat and he won a junior sized sled. "That's quite a machine," he said. "My grandkids are going to use it, but I'm going to ride it first." Melba Jaskolski said they have 5 great grand kids and they will be riding the sled on their 19 acres of land.

What's a snow check party? "$500.00 down reserves your 2017 machine," said Sandy Sletten. From now until April 12th, you can order your sled with all the colors and other options you want and you are guaranteed delivery this coming fall of the sled you build."

As the photographer ate a piping hot bowl of taco stew provided by the Snow Explorers Club, Gary Neely talked about the days when there used to be racing on Fremont Lake. "For about 10 years we had a large racing organization out on the lake," he said. "We always had between 60 and 70 trucks and trailers parked in one spot on the ice. These were two days events. It was quite a party. We never had a truck go thru the ice and never had anyone get hurt, either," he said. "The ice back then was like it is now, up to about 24 inches thick where we parked."

While Sandy and Tiger loaded the new sled into the back of Tiger's pickup, Gary suggested the photographer go out to the antique warehouse and look at the old sleds including one that delivered the mail up until the late 1950's.

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  • Arctic Cat. Photo by Terry Allen.
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    Sno-Traveler. Photo by Terry Allen.

    Antique Sled. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Antique Sled

    Ancient Sled. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Ancient Sled

    Loading up the Prize. Photo by Terry Allen.
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    Pinedale Online > News > April 2016 > Bucky's Snow Check Party

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