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Pinedale Online > News > July 2016 > Celebrating Beer at the Wind River Mountain Festival

Josh Hattan. Photo by Terry Allen.
Josh Hattan
This photo captured just after Josh climbed a ladder and jumped into a tree and rescued a Blond Ale.

B.J. and Maize from Bozeman. Photo by Terry Allen.
B.J. and Maize from Bozeman

Maybe I should have done a story on carmel corn.. Photo by Terry Allen.
Maybe I should have done a story on carmel corn.

Food Court. Photo by Terry Allen.
Food Court

WRBC Booth. Photo by Terry Allen.
WRBC Booth
Greg gives the "all thumbs up" sign and opens the booth for business.

David Grasmann. Photo by Terry Allen.
David Grasmann
David was last seen headed over to the Monster Brat Booth.
Celebrating Wind River Beer in Pinedale and Evanston
by Terry Allen
July 27, 2016

It was a heck of a weekend for the Wind River Brewing Company.

First, there was the four day Wind River Mountain Festival in Pinedale, Wyoming. Josh and Laura Hattan of the Great Outdoor Shop, along with dozens of volunteers and sponsors had managed to put together the 1st Annual Wind River Mountain Festival, and Wind River Brewing Company was among first in line to sign up.

They tap poured six of their craft beers, three of which Sean Watts brewed using his own recipe. There was Bonneville Brown, named after a peak in the Wind River Range of mountains that we could see from the park. He also brewed up a Rendezvous Wit, named after our historic Green River Rendezvous heritage. Finally, he brewed up a very hoppy but very refreshing and smooth Wynot White. Filling out the offerings were, Buckin' ESB, Wyoming Pale Ale, and a Blonde Ale.

Tamra and Greg stayed for the festival in Pinedale Saturday while Sean flew 150 miles south to Evanston, Wyoming to their new brewing facility and restaurant for the 8th Annual Evanston Brewfest.

Their new facility in the newly re-modeled historic Railroad Roundhouse is expected to employ quadruple the staff in Pinedale, adding over 100 exciting new jobs to Evanston.

The Wind River Brewing Company owners, Sean and Tamra Watts and Greg Mottashed had hoped to expand their 5,000 barrel a year brewing operations for their popular beers in the tiny, natural gas dependent town of Pinedale, but the local politics proved too difficult to work with and the owners finally gave up and took their expansion and jobs with them to Evanston.

Evanston welcomed them with wide open Wyoming arms and wooed them with residence in the historic Roundhouse and a $3 million dollar grant to restore the early 1900's red brick building.

Wind River Brewing is building a larger brewery, a restaurant, tasting room and gift shop in their space.
The new brewery is expected to produce 50,000 barrels a year.

Back in Pinedale, American Legion Park was filled with outdoor activities, outdoor gear demonstrations, games, tubing in the creek, food and of course long time fans of Wind River Beer.

Greg Mottashed said he gets tons of email requests from around the world, especially the Czech Republic for Wind River Brewing stickers, as there are thriving collectors clubs around the world for craft brewer memorabilia.

Famous trekker, author, and past owner of the Pinedale Roundup newspaper, Ric Samulski says WRBC makes the best beer in Wyoming. "I especially like the hand zesting Tamra does to make the Buckin' ESB."

Chris from Oklahoma pronounced the Blond Ale as "the best one." Chris looked at our Wyoming state flag and said, "our cowboy is named Pistol Pete."

Jenny Bubbles from Aruba pursed her deep red lips and said in a sultry voice, "the Blond Ale is very smooth."

Jennifer Bubbles, also from Aruba said, "Rendezvous Wit makes me witty."

Stacey Goodrick came up from Rock Springs and chose the Wyoming Pale Ale. "I like that it is a local beer and they take their time; and it's delicious."

Marilyn Mackey had two beers in her hands and a bag of pretzels under her arm. "I'm taking these over to Matt David's booth to go with a buffalo burger," she said.

Dave Lankford leaned against a wagon and took in the crowd weaving through the booths and finding a place in the beer line. "It's a good event," he said. "The kids did real good."

Lat Tries a Wit. Photo by Terry Allen.
Lat Tries a Wit

David Samples Bonneville Brown. Photo by Terry Allen.
David Samples Bonneville Brown

Stacey Sluyter. Photo by Terry Allen.
Stacey Sluyter
Tries a beer on the house and laughs when Tamra jumps out of the camera shot.

Just Need a Beer. Photo by Terry Allen.
Just Need a Beer

Chris from Oklahoma Tries Blond Ale. Photo by Terry Allen.
Chris from Oklahoma Tries Blond Ale

Catlin Gets Out of Fridays Rain. Photo by Terry Allen.
Catlin Gets Out of Fridays Rain
Keeping dry under a food vendor canopy.

Terry Hill. Photo by Terry Allen.
Terry Hill
Playing in the Pavillion

Jason Burton. Photo by Terry Allen.
Jason Burton
Plays in the Park

Ric and his Buckin' ESB. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ric and his Buckin' ESB
So happy with Wind River Beer he named his horse Buck.

Samantha Rise. Photo by Terry Allen.
Samantha Rise
This is legit!

Double Mustache in the Making. Photo by Terry Allen.
Double Mustache in the Making

Ryan the Pirate. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ryan the Pirate
Fights sharks and drinks Ginger Beer.

Rad Madison. Photo by Terry Allen.
Rad Madison
Waiting in line for a brew.

Pancake Breakfast. Photo by Terry Allen.
Pancake Breakfast

Laney and the Spirits. Photo by Terry Allen.
Laney and the Spirits

Lander Tips One Up. Photo by Terry Allen.
Lander Tips One Up

Ben From Buffalo. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ben From Buffalo

The Girl in the Hat. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Girl in the Hat

Laura and Jen. Photo by Terry Allen.
Laura and Jen

Dewey and Annie. Photo by Terry Allen.
Dewey and Annie
They like a little sweetness in their beer. "WRBC is waaay good," they say.

WRBC Beer Line. Photo by Terry Allen.
WRBC Beer Line
At Evanston Brewfest

Kaelyn Hull and Family. Photo by Terry Allen.
Kaelyn Hull and Family

The Family That Drinks Beer Together.... Photo by Watts.
The Family That Drinks Beer Together...

Fly Fishing in the Park. Photo by Terry Allen.
Fly Fishing in the Park

Enthusiastc Beer Fan. Photo by Terry Allen.
Enthusiastc Beer Fan
In Evanston

Serving, Scott Enos of Heber, UT. Photo by Watts.
Serving, Scott Enos of Heber, UT
At the Evanston Brewfest

Fun Loving Beer Aficionado. Photo by Watts.
Fun Loving Beer Aficionado
At the Evanston Brewfest

I See Wind River Beer Everywhere. Photo by Watts.
I See Wind River Beer Everywhere

Completed Wind River Brewing Company Building. Photo by Terry Allen.
Completed Wind River Brewing Company Building
Artist rendering of restored Roundhouse.

WRBC Roundhouse. Photo by Watts.
WRBC Roundhouse
Before photo

Interior Brewing Area. Photo by Watts.
Interior Brewing Area

Interior Evanston. Photo by Watts.
Interior Evanston

8th Annual Evanston Brewfest. Photo by Watts.
8th Annual Evanston Brewfest
Pinedale Online > News > July 2016 > Celebrating Beer at the Wind River Mountain Festival

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