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SAR members:. Photo by Tip Top Search & Rescue.
SAR members:
SAR members: Lesta Winer, Leanne McClain, and Travis Lanning. Photo courtesy Tip Top Search & Rescue.

Cook Lake. Photo by Travis Lanning.
Cook Lake
Photo courtesy of Travis Lanning
Tip Top does searches & rescues
July 29, 2016

Tip Top Search & Rescue recently did two life-saving missions helping people in the backcountry of western Wyoming.

New Fork Park Rescue
On Thursday, July 14, 2016, at approximately 3:30PM, Dispatch was notified of an injured male hiker in the New Fork Park area of the Bridger-Teton Wilderness and needed assistance evacuating. Tip Top Search & Rescue was able to make contact with NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School), verify the situation, find the exact location of the hiking party, and determine the 15-year old male was unable to self-evacuate to the trailhead. Due to the distance from the trailhead, Tip Top SAR was given the go-ahead to fly our leased helicopter to the scene to assist the injured hiker. SAR members Milford Lockwood and Tyler Pierce flew in with pilot, Nate Smith, and assisted getting the patient to the medical care he needed. The injured hiker was delivered to the Pinedale Medical Clinic where the emergency medical team awaited his arrival.

Cooks Lake Mission
Wednesday evening, July 13, 2016 at 8pm, SCSO Dispatch notified Tip Top Search and Rescue of a male who had become separated from his party that was camping in the Cook Lakes area. The male had left camp at 7:30AM to walk to a nearby high point to make a cellular call. His remaining party of four people had not seen him all day. While looking for him they had possible voice contact with him, but could not actually locate him. He was not prepared to spend the night out alone and the party was requesting assistance.

Tip Top SAR was able to insert a team of three medically trained volunteers to locate his camp and prepare to look for the missing male in the morning. The missing male was located at dusk and reunited with his party. After assessing the male and ensuring he had no imminent medical concerns, the SAR group spent the night at the families’ camp. Thursday, SAR members left the family to continue their trip and returned to town with the assistance of a local outfitter.

About Tip Top Search & Rescue
Tip Top Search and Rescue is a volunteer, non-profit organization based in Sublette County which was created around 1980 to promote public safety and welfare. The team works under the Sublette County Sheriff and is funded through the Sublette County Commission and the State of Wyoming for equipment and buildings. The men and women of this all-volunteer team train often and are called out on an average of once or twice a month throughout the year to conduct a search. Tip Top volunteers coordinate, train, and maintain an operational group of 40 members. The members of Tip Top Search and Rescue respond to requests for assistance 24-hours a day, seven days a week, never charging any costs to those needing help.

Tip Top Search and Rescue
P.O. Box 400
Pinedale, WY 82941
Phone: (307) 367-2849
Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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