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Pinedale Online > News > September 2016 > Main Street Pinedale launches crowd funding site
Main Street Pinedale launches crowd funding site
To raise funds for the Pinedale Bike Share Program GO SPOKES
by Main Street Pinedale
September 20, 2016

What is a bike share program? It’s like Redbox for Bikes! Main Street Pinedale proposes one docking station with 10 bikes to be located at the Visitor Center. You can pull up to the docking station, pay with a credit card and rent a bike for up to 24 hours.

Main Street is launching the program to provide a new recreation, transportation, and tourism option in Pinedale. The bikes would provide another great reason for people to come to Pinedale’s business center. Pinedale’s bike paths are a great asset to the community with most of them originating right in Pinedale. There are currently over 15 miles of paved pathways people can ride right from town. "We really anticipate bikes will be popular with residents and visitors alike. It is a great option if you have friends and family visiting, want to run errands, or do something active during your lunch break" said Program Manager Kate Dahl. "Furthermore bike share programs have been a great asset to attracting customers to business districts" she added. Pinedale would be the first paid bike share program permanently installed in the Wyoming.

The bikes are specifically designed by a commercial bike share vendor for paved roads, high use, and low maintenance. They are one size fits all with 7 gears, comfortable seat, and basket. Dahl said "Main Street plans to offer monthly and annual passes for the program, and you will be able to rent by the hour." She added "Pricing will be similar to other bike share programs but we are anticipating something like $7/hour in half hour increments."

The total project budget for the GO SPOKES is about $26,000 which includes purchase and installation of 10 bikes, the docking station, rental software, as well as funds to cover the first year of bike maintenance, winter storage for the bikes, and administrative costs to run the program. So far, Main Street Pinedale has received a generous $7500 grant from Wyoming Main Street Program for this project. We have also applied for other grants but will not hear if we have received funding until Winter 2017.

"Everbody we tell our about the bike share program really likes the idea, so we thought we would launch a crowd funding site and try to raise $10,000 locally. We thought it would be an exciting way to let people know about this cool project and gather some local buy-in for the program. Currently Main Street Pinedale has over 800 facebook fans. If half of those fans donated $15 to the project, we will hit our fundraising goal." Dahl stated.

Equipment would be purchased in the Winter of 2017, and bikes and racks installed the Summer of 2017. Main Street Pinedale would own, maintain, and manage the rentals of the bike share program.

Dahl added "As part of the fundraising process Main Street has giveaways planned to help entice donations. We are providing an annual pass to the first 10 donors that give $100! There will be more to come, so stay tuned!"

DONATE NOW at Pinedale bike Share

For more info visit the website or on Facebook!

Pinedale Online > News > September 2016 > Main Street Pinedale launches crowd funding site

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